What we do?

We have been at forefront of the use of lime mixes and the application to the vernacular building stock of East Anglia with innovative materials and their development, such as Haired chalk, Fibre chalk, Thermalime and Warmcoat for nearly twenty years.

‘Working with Lime and clay is not only a skill set, it is a mind set.... not only application of a material......, it embodies the application of an attitude ,an idea....remaining the tangible link to our forefathers’

Our portfolio does the talking, some of our clients we have been engaged for with a number of years undergoing a scheduled yearly rolling project of plaster works, replacing the degradation of years gone by, inappropriate materials and sometimes poor design.

All images on our site are by our hand.

Historic, Internal and External

  • Lime plaster/ render
    • Fibre Chalk
    • Haired chalk
  • Pargeting
    • Repair of existing historic work or new bespoke design
  • Clay and earth plaster / render
    • Re-constituted salvaged materials, clay and daub.
  • Wattle and daub
  • Clay lump
  • Lath works, riven and sawn
    • Targeted Sympathetic salvage, repair or renewal.
  • In-situ mould repairs, cast ceiling repairs.

Contemporary, alternative plaster materials

  • Modern Eco derived products
    • Natural Building Technologies installer
    • St Astier products
    • Clay Plasters Network
    • Hemp
  • Modern Eco derived products
    • Eco boards. Wood fibre, clay, reed boards.

We design and install parge work, whether one off bespoke freestanding blocks or in-situ, these can be undertaken to clients own outline design or taken as repair/replacement to the dimensions and remnants of the previous design from centuries gone.


  • Innovation
  • Planning applications. – Negotiation and consent approval
  • Written specification

  • Material analysis
  • Method Statements. CDM Compliance