Rickards Period Plastering

Rickards Period Plastering provides a professional application of Traditional plastering techniques through-out Bury St Edmunds & Suffolk.

Encompassing the provision of the haired /fibre chalk mix, bespoke pargeting, daub and clay plasters through to the new breed of Eco renders.

Whether working within the precious historic environment or upon a unique Architecturally designed new build we endeavour to provide a skill set and delivery of a product at the height of our industry.

We have an extensive background catalogue of work, providing quality plastering, using Lime, Clay and Eco renders through-out the East Anglia region.

Why Use RPP………….It’s because Lime is what we do !

We have been at forefront of the use of lime mixes and the application to the vernacular building stock of East Anglia with innovative materials and their development, such as Haired chalk, Fibre chalk, Thermalime and Warmcoat for nearly twenty years.

Our portfolio does the talking, some of our clients we have been engaged for with a number of years undergoing a scheduled yearly rolling project of plaster works, replacing the degradation of years gone by, inappropriate materials and sometimes poor design.

All images on our site are by our hand

Our primary fields;

  • External renders
  • Internal flat work
  • Bespoke design and installation of parge work
  • Custom made freestanding panels.
  • Defect inspection, report and repair.
  • Listed Building applications and specification.

We design and install parge work, whether one off bespoke freestanding blocks or in-situ, these can be undertaken to clients own outline design or taken as repair/replacement to the dimensions and remnants of the previous design from centuries gone.

What our clients say

External Lime Renders

external lath and haired chalk suffolk

In utilising the unique haired or fibre chalk renders that are part of the vernacular heritage of East Anglian finishes to match the curves, movement and wayward elevations of the 16th C timber frame or the classical straight lines of the Regency period can be achieved.

Bespoke Pargeting

bespoke Pargeting bury st edmunds

Facade decoration greatly associated with East Anglia. Whether the requirement is to repair historic detail to an existing elevation, to commission new design or replicate recently uncovered work we can provide a full design and application service.

Wattle and Daub

Wattle & Daub bury st edmunds

The salvage and reconstitution of this priceless part of our historic built environment can produce stunning results. Similar techniques can be used with clay plasters used within timber framed buildings and clay lump buildings within our region.

Internal Lime Plaster


From repairing and reinstating lost lath and lime plaster within historic buildings or installation of modern clay plaster within the 21st C Eco market an ‘improved’ living environment can be achieved.

Recent Work